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From hiring, training, scheduling, inventory, shift management and more, our mobile solutions are redefining the industry. We simplify your daily grind and put you in control of everything that powers the heart of the house, saving time and money. How much? How about 2% in labor costs, 5% in food costs and hours back in your day. Sound good? Welcome to Red Book Connect.

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From independents to multi-national chains, restaurant folks on every level are using our apps and loving their jobs more. Managers aren’t just saving money; they’re creating schedules and counting inventory in half the time. Owners are enjoying greater visibility, making it easier to compare performance across locations. Team members, over a million worldwide and growing, are using our apps to train for the perfect job, view their schedules, swap shifts - and they're doing it all from their mobile. It's the freedom, connection and flexibility that everyone's wanted but could never have. Until now! 

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The term values is so overplayed. But ours actually mean something to us. They’re all about empowering you to love your work — and us to love ours. Through Service and Creativity, we’re constantly innovating on your behalf. Fun and Family give us balance. Humility keeps us grounded and gives us a clear perspective.

We believe empowered people power the world. If you’re not feeling the love, we’re not doing our job. Let’s get the little stuff done so we can see the big picture.

Oh no, my dog ate my Red Book!

Never fear, we are here for you anytime. By we, we mean live humans. By anytime, we mean 24/7/365. And by you, we mean manager, bartender, server, owner — whoever. Truth be told, we get a rush out of solving whatever problem you may have in this crazy biz. And trust us, we’ve heard some doozies.


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"The Digital Red Book is an incredibly dynamic tool that has brought us improved communication, seamless consistency and ease-of-use. And, when it comes right down to it, the Digital Red Book is helping us protect our brand."

– James Newell, VP of Operations,

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"I would highly recommend Red Book Connect to anyone who runs a restaurant. Whether they are small independents or corporate chains, anyone could benefit from the options that Red Book Connect offers. We’re excited about the future with Red Book Connect."

– Andy Wells, General Manager,
MarketPlace Grill, Conway, AR

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Single sign-on goodness

Find out why the MarketPlace Grill and MarketPlace Express locations rely on Red Book Connect for single sign-on, mobile solutions to manage their hiring, training, scheduling and communications needs.

Fatburger loves Red Book

Fatburger’s fresh, made-to-order burgers are quickly becoming world renowned. But to keep every location running smoothly and consistently, they needed a custom command and control center in the palm of their hands. Thanks to the Manager’s Red Book and Digital Red Book, they have it all.

Meet Ray Honeycutt

Ray Honeycutt, scheduling coordinator, clearly demonstrates the best way to manage the sometimes cumbersome process of scheduling your staff.

Kerbey Lane Café

Austin-based Kerbey Lane Café is diverse, adventurous, socially-conscious and fun. Each of its 5 locations serves breakfast, lunch and dinner 24 hours a day. In order to keep their team members well-training and up to speed on all things Kerbey Lane, Director of Training Kelly Vaccaro sought out the Schoox social learning solutions and deployed it company-wide.


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A restaurant manager moves at a pace so frenetic, covers ground so wide and juggles tasks so varied that few outside the industry have experienced a similar professional challenge.

In a single hour, a manager might...


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You know how when you log into an app and it says “Would you like to sign on using Facebook?”  Well, Red Book Connect recently announced that HotSchedules customers can do the same kind of thing when they log into the Schoox app. 

Download the free Schoox app from the iTunes or Google Play store (yeah, we’re app-nostic and all that)...