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Bringing Home the Big Data Bacon

Big Data. The two words are practically inescapable. And for good reason. Fortune 500 companies have been leveraging big data to operate with more intelligence and more speed than at any other time in history.

Cloud companies like Salesforce, NetSuite, Workday and LinkedIn are now household names

The food service industry is no stranger to Big Data. There’s always been sales data, customer dat... Continue Reading

Red Book Connect’s HotSchedules Announces 2014 Video Contest Winners

HotSchedules is please to announce the winners of its 2014 Video Contest. The winners are listed on the HotSchedules website and YouTube Channel. Videos were submitted by HotSchedules customers who depend on the mobile tool to access their schedules, swap and trade shifts, and communicate with their coworkers and managers.

“This is the fifth year we’ve held the contest,” said Mary Kay Hyde, Sen... Continue Reading

A Quick Guide to Labor Forecasting

Food and labor are the two largest general cost categories for a typical restaurant. The cost of food and beverage is about one-third of the sales dollar. Salaries and wages account for another third.

Keeping those costs at a level that actually yields a profit is a constant challenge. Successful operations combat the issue with a combination of smart budgeting and historical data, which help t... Continue Reading

The Affordable Care Act: Key Terms You Need to Know

ACA got your tongue?

Don’t worry if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed about the Affordable Care Act. We’ve gathered some important terms you need as you navigate the new law.

Employer Mandate

The requirement for businesses with over 50 full-time equivalent employees to provide health coverage to full-time employees is often refereed to as the "employer mandate" and is officially part of the... Continue Reading

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