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Balancing Act: How to Keep Work and Life as a Manager In Check

A restaurant is a pretty unforgiving environment. Nights are busy and fast-paced. Days can start as early as 7 a.m. And long hours are a right of passage.

When you finally finish a grueling shift, it feels a little like winning a battle. Victory is yours and you must celebrate! Other times it’s just enough to keep your head above water.

Add a wife and kids into the mix and things get stickier.... Continue Reading

10 Things We Learned About Burger King’s Young CEO

image from: IE Business School, Flickr.

Bloomberg Businessweek isn’t the first news outlet we think of when it comes to restaurant industry insights.

But last week, they dedicated an entire cover and ample inside pages to report on Burger King’s current class of young executives, namely, the brand new CEO.

His name is Daniel Schwartz and as of last summer, the then 32 year-old was flipping burger patties, working the drive-through w... Continue Reading

Millennials To the Rescue? Tips on How to Lead Your Younger Workforce

If you’ve hit up the Internet lately looking for leadership tips to manage your workforce, you know there’s a battle brewing between generations.

On one side, there are those who believe Millennials “want a trophy for showing up,” “feel entitled to have a say from day one,” or even better, “are lazy and can’t be managed.” On the other end of the spectrum are the Millennials who passionately ref... Continue Reading

You’re Not that Kind of Manager, Are You?

Having read a popular book based on the actual experiences of an employee who works in a five-star hotel in London (some good and some shocking), I thought about my own experiences in the restaurant industry and about the many different types of managers out there.

In my 25 years in the hospitality industry as a manager and coach, I have come across some prominent manager styles, which you’ll r... Continue Reading

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