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Three Ideas to Generate More Revenue

When it comes to doing business, every place is different, even from location to location. And yet, there are aspects that are the same.

These basic commonalities boil down to what I call the Power of Three:

  1. Revenue Generation
  2. Business Processes
  3. People

In our everyday vernacular, “revenue” is the top-line for location sales. The more formal definition is income that a company receives fr... Continue Reading

How to Keep Talent Around for the Long Haul

Employees leave a job for many reasons. Life takes people in new directions and occasionally that means a career change.

But sometimes, companies find themselves with a revolving door. Good people come and go faster than they can get them trained. Not only is it expensive, it messes with team morale.

Restaurants are all-too familiar with this scenario. The industry is notorious for it’s high t... Continue Reading

Want More Engaged Employees? Start with a Purpose

A while back, I was on the phone with one of our customers. He uses the Managers Red Book. We were talking about process and operations and time management. The conversation then turned to an organization’s mission and vision and how to engage people in championing it on a regular basis.

He told me that his purpose was to serve his clients. Ordinarily, this wouldn’t have caught me by surprise.... Continue Reading

One Lesson That Will Improve Your Customer Service

In business you get what you want by giving other people what they want. - Alice Macdougall, restaurateur.

Earlier this year, I was a on a business trip to Chicago when low and behold, the airline lost my luggage. Through the process of getting it back I found it quite funny that, as the customer, I had to do all the legwork—call this number, and call this department, backtrack to the last time... Continue Reading

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