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Seriously Simple Ways to Find Restaurant Jobs on Social Media

Guide to Social Job Hunting


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Six Habits of Highly Effective Restaurant Managers

It takes a special kind of breed to be a successful restaurant manager. They have to wear many hats and wear them well.

Responsibilities run the gamut. From schedule creation, food quality and kitchen maintenance checks, to menu creation, pricing decisions, and supplies. Of course, an effective manager is capable of crushing these tasks. But we’re not talking about those today.

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Free Ready-to-Use Restaurant Training Courses Now in Schoox

Here at Red Book Connect, we’re always looking for ways to make the lives of our restaurant owners and managers easier. You’ve already got a lot on your plate and anytime we see an opportunity to lighten the load through technology - we take it!

Which is why we’re really excited to roll out the first 10 of 20 free, off-the-shelf training courses in Schoox, our social, e-learning platform.

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Job Seeker Series: How to Find the Best Restaurant Jobs

The Power of Referrals

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