A “Timely” Way to Handle Overtime in Your Restaurant

A lot goes into creating a successful shift schedule that produces the right balance of labor. There’s current staff count, projected guest count, historical sales data, overtime limits, as well as team member tenure, skillset and experience.

There’s another variable that stands to punch a big hole in your profit goals: Overtime.

Restaurant managers will encounter overtime work. Between busy s... Continue Reading

13 Tips to Modernize Your Scheduling System

When it comes to employee scheduling, we’ve seen it all.

Barely legible schedules on dry erase boards. Shift notes scribbled on paper napkins. Middle of the night emails with shift requests and another fifteen voicemails waiting for a shift change approval the next morning.

Sound familiar? If you’re shaking your head “yes,” then you’ve experienced the pain and complication that surfaces when y... Continue Reading

Five Ways to Pay Tribute to Your Military Guests this Memorial Day

Holidays are a different animal for the service industry. Instead of taking off, you're usually required to be "on" more than the typical shift. So, you’re not out with your friends and family, having bbq and beer and enjoying the wonderful rays of sunshine that you only get once every two months. It’s the service industry life, and it ain’t always perfect; we get it.

But let’s take a moment to... Continue Reading

Red Book Connect Featured in Restaurantville Magazine

Upgrading your restaurant's technology? Red Book Connect could be the restaurant industry's next meal ticket according to The Texas Restaurant Association's publication Restaurantville. The story takes a closer look at technologies restaurateurs are employing in the back-of-house and behind the scenes, those that consumers might not always notice but that help operations run a more efficient busin... Continue Reading

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