E-Learning: 7 Tips For Integrating Technology Into Workplace Training

Training has become a high risk, high cost and low value proposition for many companies. New employees often go through rigorous hands-on and in-classroom training only to leave the job three months later. Training manuals cost a lot to produce and cannot keep up with the evolution in company processes and practices. Managers are also forced to dedicate long hours to training programs that often d... Continue Reading

Seriously Simple Steps for Effective Communication

Have you ever heard the saying “there is no such thing as over-communication?” It's used a lot in the workplace to indicate that you're doing all you can to help keep the wheels turning in complex situations. But is it really effective? 

Maybe you’ve been smack dab in the middle of chaotic schedule changes, or tied up in meetings that were clear as mud. Or perhaps you’ve set a record for the mo... Continue Reading

HotSchedules App Now Officially Available for Windows Phones!

Our HotSchedules customers use phones of all shapes and sizes. Some are smart. Some flip. Someday soon, they might even fly. (Hey, who knows. Amazon has droids.) Until then, we’re thrilled to announce that the #1 rated employee-scheduling app is now available in the Windows Phone App Store.

Of course, we give love to all of our mobile app users, so you’ll also be able to find our HotSchedules A... Continue Reading

Restaurants Can Now Post their Menus to Facebook

Hot dog! They’ve finally done it. Facebook announced on Thursday that they are making it easier for restaurants to display their menus on their Facebook Page.

“When looking for a great meal, people often turn to Facebook to find a restaurant’s location, hours or operation and menu,” the social networking giant said in its official announcement.

Facebook partnered with SinglePlatform, the local... Continue Reading

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