see it all, manage it all

Instant insight into inventory and financials with in-depth, down-to-the item reporting

Turned $50 billion in restaurant sales into business intelligence and processed 5.5 billion customer transactions.

We give managers enough savvy intel to make their restaurants profit-making machines – like real-time business intelligence that gives you visibility into actual sales and inventory, analytics, above-store reporting and much more. Finally, business intelligence that’s actually intelligent.

Get the data that tells you the whole story so you can make informed decisions and take important actions

Know Your Numbers

Track financials and account for the movement of cash and other tender from the time it’s received through reconciliation of the store’s deposits.

Manage Costs Like a CFO

If you don’t know your inventory and food costs, it could be costing you. Now, you can track every fluctuation in food cost percentages to its source, so you can address any issues or reinforce money-saving improvements.

Consistency and Customer Satisfaction

When meal portions change, customers can be unhappily surprised. Keep them satisfied by ensuring portions are precise and consistent across shifts, employees and locations. From the size of the scoop to the width of the cucumber slice, you’ll have the data you need to get it right.

Reward Loyalty

We’re the data machine that powers your loyalty program.  You’ll know who bought what, when and where so you can reward your best customers and build lifetime fans.

Business Intelligence

Reporting and analysis at its best.  Get instant access to sales data, gross profit, cost of goods sold, loss prevention and exception management with the ability to report down the item level at individual stores. It’s everything except the bow, in one real-time, interactive, nice, neat package.

You’re Mobile, We’re Mobile.

Macromatix is designed for use on a mobile device so you have constant access to your data in real time. 

Sales Dashboard

Keep your sales data in your pocket

Profit Dashboard

Check up on your profit data with a quick click

Inventory Counts

Tally on your tablet

Cash Variance by Cashier

It’s all in the details

View hourly sales by day, week or month from anywhere. Track your sales, transaction counts and ticket averages.
View profit by day, week, month. View waste as percentage of sales, inventory variance and gross profit percentage.
View inventory by location, noting inner counts and outer counts. Color coded to indicate counted items, partials and issues.
View net sales, transactions, ticket averages and cash variances by cashier.

"I rarely recommend companies to fellow franchisees but the Macromatix team really impressed me from day one. Their product was fantastic and … they over delivered in both reliability as well as after sales support."

– Top Restaurant Franchise

"The modules are easy to use and allow our managers to take more responsibility for cash reconciliation and stock control. They also allow above store access to information more readily."

– Top Restaurant Franchise

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